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First off, I must confess that I absolutely love teaching people about everything involving horses!

Lessons can comprise anything from riding to working with the horse on the ground (known as groundwork) to equine agility, confidence building and trick training (for enrichment). In all aspects of our contact with the horse, I endeavor to teach empathy and kindness for the animal first and foremost as well as an understanding of the horse's psychology in all phases of interaction.

On the ground I teach students how to train horses using positive reinforcement, how a horse perceives his surroundings, how he communicates using the most subtle of signals and how to be safe around a horse.

After a student learns the basics (usually one or two lessons), he or she is welcome to continue with groundwork or move on to actual riding. Advanced groundwork may include more advanced training of the horse, trick training, confidence building with obstacles and agility work.

It is not mandatory that any student ride a horse. Groundwork lessons may also be interspersed with riding lessons.

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On the horse, I will show my students how to be balanced, centered and utilize biomechanics to optimize their communication with the horse and riding skills. I use different games on horseback to keep this interesting for both student and horse. Safety is key and students will learn how to be safe on a horse from the first lesson.

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At this time, all lessons are private and one hour. This helps avoid any students feeling left behind or held back. Additionally, since different people may have different goals, it helps me to help you move specifically towards that goal. I teach students as young as 8 and as young at heart as 80. I am certified with the American Riding Instructors Association.

Truck-ins are welcome and I do travel. When traveling, depending on where you are located, I may need to add a travel fee to my hourly rate to cover gas etc.

Skype consultations available

Lesson Fee $45/1 hour