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Rico Suave

Today I'd like to introduce you to my ECC partner, Rico Suave. For those of you who are local, you may remember a horrific case of neglect that happened in Sodus, NY last spring. If not, the story is easy enough to track down with Google. Rico was rescued from that situation.

Here's what I know. He is an 8 yr. old Thoroughbred, no tattoo (never on the track), about 14.1 or 14.2h, slender build and still needing some weight. One of his care givers at the rescue said he did not appear to know much more than how to lead and initially acted as if he had not been handled much. He was just gelded about 4 weeks ago. She also shared that he had to be tranquilized last time he had his feet trimmed.

I drove out to meet him briefly on Monday the 14th. From the pasture, he raised his head and looked at me when I called his name. Then he came over and we introduced ourselves. I was grateful that he hadn't totally given up on people after what he had been through. I spent some time scratching around his head and ears, where a cribbing collar was fastened. I then held out an empty plastic water bottle and he nosed at it. Also very good because he still had his natural sense of curiosity and did not appear fearful of it. He wasn't quite sure he liked carrots though. A quick check of his back revealed spasming through his withers and shoulders. I'll have our equine chiropractor check him out ASAP and see if we can't get him back into alignment.

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Rico at the time of his rescue

Rico at the time of his rescue.