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  • 1 Kim and Nick working on Spanish Walk
  • 2 Indy Bowling
  • 3 Willy Exploring
  • 4 Close Friends
  • 5 The Renegade Herd
  • 6 Renegades on the Run
  • 7 Renegade Herd on the Move
  • 8 Romeo at the Itching Post
  • 9 Steinie and Stuart

Our philosophy is simply to provide horses with the best welfare management and most ethical humane training available based on current scientific research.  We are constantly evolving in our approach and management to meet this criteria.

Our horsemanship program, both on and off the horse, is focused on giving students of all ages a well rounded education and experience with our equines.  We believe this creates a win-win scenario for both horse and human.